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Hu Writing Brush (4-in-1 set)
Title:Hu Writing Brush (4-in-1 set)

Hu Writing Brush (4-in-1 set)

Wolf hair, rosewood stick, high lever quality with fine box.

Note:  high lever professional wrriting brush, beginner can choose cheaper set. contact us: info@myadornart.com

Traditional tools and materials of Chinese calligraphy are basically evolved from writing brushes, ink sticks, paper and inkstones, which ae usually called as "Scholars´ Four Jewls´ or the Four Treasures of Chinese study.  

Writing Brushes, the most famous writing brush producing area in China is Huzhou, so called Hu writing brush, Hu writing brushes are made of high quality materials with exquisite techniques, the four major characteristics are " pointed tip, uniform hair, perfect roundness and resilient to the touch. Hu writing brush has tour types: goat hair, wolf hair, mixed hair and rabbit hair. According to the size , there are hugh, big, middle and small.


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Hu Writing Brush (4-in-1 set)
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Scholars´ Four Jewls  Set
Title: Scholars´ Four Jewls Set
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